Yes, Alexander's Design Service only sells real wood cabinetry. Chung Hua our Stock company uses 1/2" thick imported plywood. There wood is Carb 3 compliant .
Golden Home is 3/4" frameless cabinet box . Hanssem cabinetry uses American 3/4" plywood on there frameless EURO-LINE , and 1/2" on there framed AMERICAN CLASSIC  LINE.. They also offer Canadian imported plywood and white plywood for an upcharge.   Bremtown custom cabinetry uses 3/4" on there framed and frameless 500 or 700 series . American plywood all
Yes, As long as you live in a 30 mile radios of lower Manhattan and have left me a 50% deposit on the cabinetry , I will make an appointment to go to wherever the jobsite is going to be and confirm that the design and cabinet sizes are going to fit. If you are in a rush for the cabinets and want to skip the re-measure confirmation, you swill have to sign a waiver that I am not responsible if anything doesn't fit properly. Unless you are a contractor that has measured a lot of kitchens . I recommend making  re-measure appointment...There's no charge and it could save a lot of time and money.
​​​​The answer to this question is Yes and No. Yes, because We do sell traditional RTA cabinets. Charlton Cabinetry is a RTA company. But they are better quailty7 and lower priced then most; No, Because We supply our customers with a huge selection of cabinetry from our frameless stock company, Golden Home which manufactures beautiful high -end glossy painted door style,. We also sell Hanssem semi-custom which are finished to order with a big selection of finishes from painted to stained to stain and glaze to stain and highlights.  
And lastly we carry a fully custom cabinetry line that has all modifications, cabinet and door configurations available with hand made quality using American top of the line woods and components . They also have doors made from oak , cheery , maple , walnut, riff-cut oak , and custom exotic woods are also available as we
ll as any finish
​​​​Alexander's Design Service was originally opened as a drafting, cad business dealing only with drawings . That was a part time side business. After Covid hit this country. Alex 's employer , a high -end design and build company in mid-town Manhattan closed down cause of lockdown.  This is when one of Alex's contractor friends called and asked him if he could buy cabinets from me . That lead to me opening an account with Chung Hua in Queens where he new the manager. After that Alex included Golden Home from a cabinet rep, he new from past job. Then Hanssem where Alex worked from 1997-2002. So that was an easy choice for a semi-custom middle of the road brand,  Then another rep. Alex knew just became a rep for Bremtown Cabinetry . So that was the complete package. stock, semi-custom , and fully custom cabinetry/., The business model is sell the best quality cabinets at the lowest possible price to the customers , I would rather give 5 clients a great deal by making $1000 per kitchen as opposed to have one client and make $5000.  You would b e really surprised if you went to 10 different cabinet  dealers in showrooms and you will get a wide range of pricing. You will also get a wide range of deigns.  I've seen the exact same amount of cabinets from Hanssem sell at a high end Manhattan showroom for 35, 000 and then at a wholesale distributer selling the same Hanssem cabinets selling them for $15,000.  If you work with me you will always get the $15,000 price ranges. This  is p[possible  because I don't have any employees to pay, or showroom expenses and rent, or insurance fees.  I do it all from a home office with door samples and wood color blocks.. I give you the same 20/20 computer design and color rendering and the same cabinets at a fraction of the cost,