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About Bremtown Custom High Quality Cabintry

So, at Bremtown Cabinetry we remind ourselves daily that there is a constant invitation to consider…Inspiration is all around us, all the time. Our invitation to you is to let Bremtown be a part of your inspiration and to remember to “Live Inspired. We're craftsmen. Artisans. And in a way, we're pioneers. Because we don't do the take-it-or-leave-it stock cabinet approach the rest of the world does—we choose instead to take the measured, meticulous approach to creating a custom cabinetry experience. The way that takes more attention. More patience. And doesn't cut corners. That's how it all started in 1977 when Bremtown gathered a dedicated team of local artisans to build, by hand, the finest wood cabinets around. Today, we've grown into a company renowned for our remarkable quality custom and semi-custom work. For our painstaking, masterful finishing. And for our delight in meeting all your off-the-map choices. The world has enough standard cabinetry. Bremtown is for people who envision something better for their homes. And more of it. FURNITURE GRADE LUXURY QUALITY Premium finishes, unique doors and hand-crafted dovetail drawer boxes The difference is in the details Made in America DEDICATED DESIGN & SUPPORT TEAM Done right the first time Preferred by award winning design build firms Design services available Easy to work with UNLIMITED SELECTION Freedom to choose Relevant and timeless Products that add value 6000+ SKU’s, with 1200 unique modifications

Bremtown 500 Semi-Custom Series

That Custom Feeling Without the Price Tag: 500 Semi-Custom What is believed to be evidence of the miraculous, the 500 Series gives you an extraordinary, near-custom cabinetry experience without actually crossing over into the custom price. You get the same signature Bremtown quality as in everything we make. With a broad line of stock cabinet sizes, gorgeous door styles and lustrous finishes, we can make untold combinations of spacer and trim tweaks to bring that custom feeling into your home—at a lower cost. The high quality, the detail, the beauty and the tailorability are truly remarkable. Explore the four broader categories of styles—Traditional, Transitional's simpler lines that maintain sculptural details, Contemporary and Mission—and the generous design options within each. All together, more than 50 dazzling choices to make you a believer, too.

Bremtown 500 Series Traditional Door styles

Bremtown 500 series Transitional Door styles

Bremtown 500 Series Contemporary Door Styles

Bremtown Series 500 Mission Door Styles

Bremtown 700 series

Where Non-Standard is the Standard: 700 Custom There are instances where you have to go all out—in design features, refined fit and off-the-charts customizing—to build the cabinetry dreams are made of. Choose 700 Custom Series to see something out of the ordinary—a unique process in which we build then sand, for a fit and finish that are perfectly flush tight and satiny smooth. Or because the idea in your head doesn't quite have a blueprint yet. With over 100 finishes and creative color palettes, 100 door styles, panels and profiles you can mix and match—in Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary and Mission—it's the start of endless possibilities

Bremtown Series 700 Traditional Door Styles

Bremtown Series 700 Transitional Door Styles

Bremtown Series 700 Contemporary Door Styles

Bremtown Series 700 Mission Door Styles

Bremtown Wood Species

Maple , Cherry , Contemporary Urban Expressions , Paint Grade , Exotics , Walnut, Alder, Quarter saw white Oak , Oak

Bremtown 500 Series Semi-Custom Series -Completed Kitchen Gallery

Bremtown 700 Custom Series -Completed Kitchen Gallery