Solera high quality kitchen & bath sinks * Up to 60% off list" Call for Prices"

About us

THE CHALLENGE: With the growing need for displaying in-store options for sink and faucet companies, Solera looked at how to solve these needs without re-creating the wheel every time. THE SOLUTION: By designing and helping implement the creation of an application for the in-store sales kiosk, Solera had a way to help companies feature hundreds of various sink and faucet options in any retail environment while still using as little space possible INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE Solera Sinks is a company that strives to achieve innovation and excellence in quality for all of their products. QUALITY MATERIALS Solera's line of stainless steel sinks uses high quality 304-grade cold-rolled steel, which means that every sinks that Solera manufactures is made to be as durable as ever. The stainless steel contains 18% Chromium and 8-10% nickel, allowing for a rust-proof sink material GUARANTEED FOR LIFE

Stainless Steel

Top Quality Stainless steel sinks using American Steel 16 ga and 18 ga available. Many sizes an shapes to choose from. Call for best prices .( Too low to list) Check thier website :

kitchen composite granite sinks

Composite Granite Sinks are made of a combination of 80% quartz and 20 % acrylic. Available in beige, black , mocha silver, slate and white many more to choose from

kitchen Copper Sinks

99 % pure mined copper. and hand crafted and hammered to achieve a unique and beautiful finish. Also available in aged or antique patina finish which ages over time and blends with hammered copper and scratches . many more to choose from

kitchen Bamboo sinks

The beauty of bamboo is now available in the kitchen. This combination of modern bamboo and retro farmhouse styling is sure to garner attention. The 894 features bamboo stalks horizontally aligned, with soft, rounded corners and an attractive embossed front panel. This is a very eco-friendly sink, as bamboo is a readily renewable resource. many more to choose from

Bathroom Porcealn

Hand thrown on potters wheel to give the best finish, Available undermount , vessel. in oval, rectangle , and farm house shapes. white and beige finishes. many more to choose from

Artisan Ceramic Bathroom Sinks

Hand painted over the porcelain sinks for beautiful custom sinks. many more to choose from

Stone Bathroom Sinks

Vessel sinks made rom granite. marble, onyx. sandstone . or limestone, many more to choose from

glass vessel bathroom sinks.

Beautiful Glass Vessel Sinks in many colors and styles. Matching Glass faucets . many more to choose from