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We will go over what you are looking to do for your kitchen remodel and most importantly at this point of the process, We will discuss the Smart Photo link I am going to text to your smart phone which will allow you to take a few pictures of your kitchen and will translate the pictures into plans with measurements. After 24 hours, Smart Picture Inc will email me measurements including 3D drawings of your existing walls and area. After I receive these important measurements , Then you will schedule a zoom design consultation with me to over what we can do with the new design and discuss the materials and products you would like to purchase.

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  • Duration: 00:45 Hours

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This is the first step in the accurate and creative part of your kitchen remodel. First we get your measurements , then we have a Zoom meeting to discuss the new design and materials that will work with your budget as well as your wants and needs. A lot of times I can use stock inexpensive cabinetry and make it look like a custom kitchen  that would have cost 3 times as much. I have been designing and selling kitchens for 25 years and my main goal is to satisfy my customers with exactly or even nicer kitchen than they were excepting at a lower price then they thought possible.